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Dealing with Uninsured Motorists

Car accidents are among the many things that can really cause financial burden to those involved. Even a small dent on the bumper requires fixing, but a serious car accident can lead to devastating injuries and serious property damage. When people get into these accidents, getting compensation through insurance or a lawsuit is possible. However, there are times where others who are involved in the accident do not have insurance to cover the expenses.

Dealing with uninsured motorist, especially if they are the ones at fault or caused the accident in the first place, is a very difficult thing to deal with. Although in most states it is a requirement to have vehicle liability insurance, there are people who ignore the law and don’t have even basic coverage. Those applying for licenses can have insurance only for registration purposes, and then cancel their policy. In the hard economy today, more and more people are getting by with no car liability insurance.

When dealing with these types of people, it is always important to know the laws of your state. Getting help from a lawyer is always the best option. Certain states follow traditional tort laws regarding insurance, making anyone who was at-fault liable for compensation whether they have insurance or not.

For states that follow the no-fault law, each driver (or their insurance company) is liable to pay for the injuries inflicted or damages acquired despite who caused the accident. In these states, the no-fault law disables anyone from suing another person; nevertheless because everyone is paying for the damages then you are covered and compensated.

In either case, adding an extra on your insurance for underinsured or uninsured motorist can help cover the damages that can occur in case you have been in a collision with an uninsured motorist. This insurance coverage gives you the right to get compensation from your own insurance company to cover for your damages in such an event. Certain states require this type of insurance, and those who do not require them may need the notion to be elected when applying for insurance.