Consequences of Dog Bites

Under Michigan’s strict liability law, owners of dogs are vulnerable to personal injury lawsuits because it only takes one instance of an unprovoked attack to put them at fault. It does not matter if the dog has no previous record of dog bites or that there has been any warning that the dog could turn dangerous. If the dog bites an individual who is on public property or legitimately on private property as a licensee or invitee and without provocation, then that is considered an instance of negligence.

According to the website of Detroit law firm Ravid & Associates, P.C., dog owners have the responsibility to ensure that their dogs are properly restrained when on public property or when there are other people on their property who have permission to be on the premises. Even small dogs who may seem harmless can deliver a nasty bite which can result in relatively minor injuries which can later develop complications such as rabies or other infections. At the very least, such dog bites can leave scars.

Larger dogs are more difficult to restrain, so they should be given the proper training to make them easier to control. Large dogs are potentially more dangerous and can cause serious injury or death if they attack a person. Serious injuries include nasty gashes or gouges that will leave permanent and disfiguring scars, broken bones that may not heal properly, amputations, profuse bleeding, and the dangers of infection. Dog owners have no right to expose others to unreasonable risk of harm, and should take steps to ensure that they have complete control over them.

If you or someone close to you has been a victim of dog bites, bring your case before a dog bite lawyer and get their legal advice. Dog owner who will not live up to their responsibilities should be made to pay for their negligence, not you.

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